Mesh, not just for Fishing anymore!


Why am I all meshed up you ask? Well I will tell you, it is because some idiots want to do a short cut clearance on a medical device that they put in my body back in 2005, just to get it on the market. Yep, transvaginal Mesh, TVT-O, OH, the disaster of my life.

They were suppose to make me better, make be able to live again, be able to enjoy my life, instead it brought me pain, severe pelvic pain, vaginal pain, surgery for erosion, trigger point injections in areas where no women should have to have a shot, no sex life, instead I get a massage from my hubby that hurts like hell just so we can try to get the pain to go away. Peeing when I laugh, sneeze or move and nights of wearing those uncomfortable depends night after night. Missing out on my son’s ballgames and enjoying his life and my son missing out on his mommy being a mommy.

I just don’t understand. This was suppose to fix me, it was suppose to make me better and instead all it did was make it worse, and after all this time I am just finding out about it, Well I just found out that it was the mesh causing my problems late last year, I had no idea and what is worse is I had to find out about it through a commercial of all things, I feel that is wrong. Is it just me or is there something wrong here?

As I sit here and think about the fact that I am starting this blog I have to wonder to myself if mankind has gotten so money crazed that it no longer matters what the outcome of something might be as long as their pockets are full at the end of the day. If this is the case, then the world has gone to a very sad place. A place that people, health and life no longer matter, just how much money a person can make, who has the biggest house, the best car, the most well-dressed family. After all money is the root of all evil! It just seems to me that money should not be more important than someone’s health and life but I guess I am naive and just do not want to admit it.

So here I sit, a 37 year old, who has to wear depends night after night. Who has to be in pain day after day, who has to sit back and watch her husband and her son go to ballgames while I sit home in pain, who can no longer go outside and play catch or basketball with my son. Who can barely sit on the floor (Or anywhere for that matter) long enough to play a game with her family, who can’t have sexual and intimate relationships with my husband, who can’t cook and clean like I used to and now my house is not as clean as I would like, who can barely drive to go anywhere. Who is now a prisoner in her own home, all because I am all MESHED UP!


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