Mesh, not just for Fishing anymore!

Forgive me for rambling and repeating me myself. It is late, I am in some major pain and I have been crying since about 4:30 this afternoon. Sorry I have not written in a few days I have really been hurting and just resting, something I should be doing now.

Well as you know I saw the doctor on Thursday and he said the mesh had to come out. I think I mentioned that they were out of network for all insurances and they had to get in-network approval so insurance would cover the surgery.

Well I got a call for the doctors office this afternoon and well our insurance will not budge. We have no out of network benefits and our insurance will not do a gap coverage or any other kind of things they can do to cover and approve the surgery.

So I do not know what I am going to do. We can’t get any loans due to our credit. My husband tells me not to worry abt the money but I can’t let anything happen like us lose our house or something in order for me to try to have this surgery. I could not live with myself if that were to happen.

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