Mesh, not just for Fishing anymore!

Whyare we here?

Well since you made it this far, you might be wondering why you are here. Well normally I would say you were here because you clicked a link and it brought you here and you just stayed to read because I am charming, witty and funny…lol. Sadly, that is probably not the case. You are more than likely here because you or someone you know and love either is going through problems right now due to this transvaginal mesh or is considering having surgery for Prolapse and you are trying to find more information or trying to find out you are not alone. So basically to sum it up you are here due to the FDA and MESH.

Why do I say the FDA? Well simple, they started this back in 2008 when they issues the first warning about the mesh. It was on October 20, 2008 when the FDA first sent out an alert to healthcare practitioners concerning the possible problems with the mesh.

It starts out by stating that this is to alert you to complications with transvaginal placement of surgical mesh to treat POP and Stress Urinary Incontinence, it also states that over the past THREE years, the FDA has received OVER 1,000 reports from NINE mesh manufacturers.

I will not go into the entire release but you can read it here:

Now keep in mind this was in 2008, and they said they have had more than 1,000 reports in the past 3 years, that would be since 2005 and it is now 2011 almost 2012. It makes me wonder how many women were out there between 2005 and 2008 who had problems due to mesh and did not know, like myself.

Then according to what I have read and found, there was no other release from the FDA until July 13, 2011, I may be wrong about this and if I am please let me know.

This release was addressed to Healthcare providers who implant the mesh, healthcare providers who are involved with the care of patients with the mesh and to patients who are considering mesh or have received the mesh. It talks about the 2008 release and different other topics and things to do and consider, you can read that here:

Now if you ask me, that is a big time jump from 2008 to 2011, what were they doing up there at the FDA? More importantly how many women were suffering (just like me) because they had no idea that the mesh were the root of their problems. I have been having problems since 2005, how many more out there have been going this long, not knowing. Yes, I know there is no “actual database” that keeps track of the women who had the mesh implants so they could be notified, but it seems that if this FDA alert was sent out to who it stated it was for, then there should have been copies in all doctors offices on the tables with the magazines, all doctors should have told women about it. You have to fill out a medical history when you see your doctor, if you fill it out correctly then that doctor should know that you had this type of surgery. More importantly your doctor that did the mesh, if you are still seeing that doctor should have told you about it. It should be on the news, not a commercial you see for a lawyer about it. That is the way I found out about and that is not a good way to find out about it.

Some doctors are even claiming that their mesh, the mesh they used are not the mesh that is causing problems. Do they not understand that it is ALL MESH, that every mesh out there is under scrutiny and is causing problems left and right. That just because the mesh they used is not on the recall list yet, does not mean it is not causing problems. It should not matter if they feel their mesh is not involved or not, they still should inform their patients of this and have fliers out in the lobby. Am I wrong?

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