Mesh, not just for Fishing anymore!


I am so glad that I finally got this blog started and going. It took me a long time to do this due to the pain. I had the blog name for over a month and slowly setting it up on days I felt like good enough that I thought I could, but now I can blog from my phone, tablet, another computer, anywhere, so it gives me more freedom. I am so happy for that, and I wanted so much to have it up and going before my surgery so that I could post from my phone, I knew it would be easier that way.

I want to tell my story from start to where I am now and I will, it will just take me time, it is rather long, let’s just say that my story technically begins in 2004 although I have been dealing with the mesh since 2005. I will get my story on here but for now I am trying to focus on my surgery and it is hard enough to focus on that when I feel the way I feel.

In a sense I am writing this for me, to help me let out my frustrations but more than anything I want this to be read by other women even husbands, friends, you name it, who might have mesh, know someone who might have the mesh or who might be faced with the decision. I want them to read it to know that you are not ALONE is this world, I thought I was until I met a group of very nice friends who were in the same condition I was, I know how lonely you can feel and I too, still feel lonely, but you are not alone. Also I want anyone reading this who might be faced with this decision to get mesh to know that it is awful stuff and that there are alternatives.

So that is my MAIN wish for writing this blog and if I can help just one person, then my wish will be fulfilled.

Love to all,


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