Mesh, not just for Fishing anymore!


Hello Everyone,

Well let’s see. About me huh, well my name is KP and I am wife and a mom, and I used to be a nurse, a teacher, a taxi driver, a coach, a short order cook, a laundress, a fixer of all kinds of things, a typical wife and mother and in some ways I am still am, when I can be, but the roles of become kind of reversed. I am kind caring person with a loving and big heart and will usually put anyone above myself no matter what is going on in my life and there is a lot going on. Back in the good ole days, I loved to sing, hunt, fish, ride 4-wheelers, play with my kids and family, watch my son play ball, be a team mom and help out in the dug out or where I was needed, help out at the school, just have fun, hang out with friends. I loved life! I really used to be a really fun gal to be around but these days not so much. I still have some days but those are few and far. You will learn my story soon. Guess you are wondering why I keep saying these things like they are in the past, well because they are. I am one of the many victims of medical surgical mesh. Hernia Mesh, Trans-vaginal Mesh, TVT-O. My life has been taken from me and it slowly has been taken and then one day I wake up and I can’t do anything, but I am glad you are here and I hope you will continue with me as I face this long painful journey, perhaps someone out there will understand and I will not feel so alone. Perhaps this will also help others who are going through the same thing and they will not feel so alone either or stop others from getting this awful mesh that is causing havoc in so many lives.



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